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Borkena is one of the leading Ethiopian News portals with a global audience from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, The Middle East, Ethiopia, and the Rest of Africa. We understand the importance of online visibility for businesses in today’s digital world.

Our business listing site is conveniently linked to the menu tab on our main homepage and can also be found at the bottom of daily published news articles, OpEd articles, entertainment, business, and sports articles, making it easily accessible for our readers and your potential customers.

Let’s dive into how our Borkena Business Listing Service works:

How It Works – Borkena Business Listing Service

Step 1: Access the Website

Visit directly or access it from the menu section of

Step 2: Add Your Listing

Click “Add Business” in the top right-hand corner of the page. Choose from three packages: Business Pro, Premium, or Lifetime.

Business Pro: U.S. $33.9 for 3 months, renewable
Premium: $56.50 for 1 year, renewable
Lifetime: $113 The best option with all features, no renewals

Step 3: Fill Out Your Listing

Fill out the fields for your selected package. Check the terms and conditions agreement box. Submit your listing.

Step 4: Payment

To finalize your listing, click to continue and make payment via PayPal, Stripe, or by Interac transfer to Borkena Media and Meselal Classified Advertising’s bank account. Account number is provided in the checkout page.

Do you still need help? send e-mail to or call 437-219-8836